The Open University of Nigeria is not like conventional universities where everything is strict. As a matter of fact, flexibility is the watchword of the institution. In NOUN student are required to pay for the course and exam registrations. The price of a course is determined by the credit unit of such course.  They are as follows:
One unit (mostly practical)
Two units
Three units
Four units (mostly 

Simply put, courses are like subjects u are required to take in each semester and they comprise 2 and  3 credit units. Some practicals in the science department are 1 unit while some law courses carry 4 credit units. 
The maximum unit a student can register per semester is 25 units. It is not compulsory that a student must register all the courses meant for him/her in a semester but it is strongly advisable to try and register all. 

Take for instance:
Let assume that I was meant to register 10 (ten) courses in my 100 level first semester but was able to register 6 may be due to financial reason. This means that I have a deficit of 4 courses in that semester. Now in the second semester, I am required to register 8 plus the initial 4, it becomes 12 (don’t forget that there may be carryover) now it has compounded. The workload will be much if I am able to register all. If I am unable, the deficit continues and as such, I may end up spending more than the years I am supposed to.
Please try as much as possible to avoid this, it is one of the core reasons many students drop out.
·        Undergraduates exam fee cost N1,000 (One Thousand Naira only) for each course.
·        Post-graduates exam fee is N2,000 (Two Thousand Naira only) for each course.
·         Ph.D. examination fee is N3,000 (Three Thousand Naira only) per course.
If you have carryover you will repay when re-sitting. If you register an exam and miss it, maybe due to one thing or the other, you will repay whenever you want to sit for it.
Ph.D. re-sitting is N4,000 (Four Thousand Naira only) per course

Note: You can only register the exams of the courses you registered.

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