Reading your course materials thoroughly is very essential for your academic excellence in terms of grasping of what the course has to offer it also broadens your knowledge for future reference. But when it comes to the examination it does not fully guarantee you of passing hence, the word “examination is not a true test of knowledge”. This is the main reason lecturers in conventional universities avail their students A.O.C. Some even give the students a hint of what to expect in their exams. 
In N.O.U.N. there is no such opportunity. For example, you are given a book of  300 pages with about 50 to 70 topics and sub-topics to read and the examiner will only set 5 questions from the book. You are to answer 3 out of the 5 questions. And you have like 4 to 6 of such book to battle all withing 4 months aside other academic activities like the T.M.A and the rest.  No matter how brilliant you are, you are bound to be overwhelmed, confused or even frustrated. I am speaking from experience because I have been there. Well, bellow is the method I used when preparing for P.O.P. exams. 
Go to the library of your study center and ask for past questions. Look for the recent ones, say within four years. Make sure you get at least 3 for each course. Now when you get home, go through them, and mark the questions that are common. It does not necessarily have to be verbatim as two or more questions may be in different wording but mean the same thing. Just pay attention to what is being asked and not the words. Now all you need do is to make the common questions the area of your concentration (A.O.C.). If you are able to spot like two or more questions that are common be sure to master them. What do I mean? Make sure you can answer them in your own words. Do not go to the course material looking for the answers but put the answers down in your own words with the help of the course material. Also, choose like two questions from the ones that are not common and master them too this is for a backup and is very important.

Kindly note that this post does not encourage you to abandon studying your books and start chasing how you can pass your exams, rather it is a tip on how you can mark out where to concentrate during exams. That is after you must have read your books thoroughly. 
If you need further assistance kindly post it as a comment below. 

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I work very hard to pay school fees all by my self and all I get is discouraging result . I stay awake all night reading and preparing for exam but at the end maybe only one question will be part of what I read leaving me frustrated with the rest of the questions …….pls I’m begging NOUN to do something about this area of concentration stuff because it really hurt to work hard and pay school fees without help from any angle , no mother, no father or relation to support u and still have bad result. Its so painful!

Hey Bro/ Sis,

Please be strong. It will soon be over, I know how it feels ’cause I have been there. NOUN is very tough I must admit. Keep your head up Baba God got you back.

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