There few things to consider before applying to the National Open University of Nigeria. They include:

1. Finance. This has to do with tuition fees. In NOUN tuitions are paid per semester, not per session and it is a must to pay your tuition before you will be allowed to do anything in your student portal. Unlike conventional universities where a student can be pardoned for sometimes in NOUN, there is no such grace. And as such you must be financially capable, I am not trying to scare you but that is the truth. The institution is primarily targeted at working class.

2. Residence. In NOUN there are only study centers, not campuses and as such there are no hostels. Most of the study centers are situated in urban centers. If you live in a remote area and a working class you may not be able to relocate because of your job and as such you may not be able to cope during exams.

3. Seriousness.  If you know that you are not a serious student please don’t attempt applying to NOUN unless you want to waste your money.  The institution maintains ZERO tolerance on exam malpractice. There are no lecturers to bribe. You are always on your own. Many non-serious students never gone past the first year. 
If out of ten courses registered and after the exam you have like eight carryovers and you still have like nine courses to battle in the following semester won’t you be frustrated? 

4. Social Activity. NOUN is dull in terms of social activities. There are no campus fellowship, student union, departmental union, parties, talk shows ceremonies except matriculations and convocations. If you cannot do without social activities please stay away from NOUN.  

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